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Please can we all keep in touch via e-mails and Facebook. e-mail addresses are available on the Contacts page. We will keep members informed via e- or in a few cases snail mail.

Last updated 31-12-2016

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Suella's chimney (7 images)

Group photograph

December - Suella Fernandez, MP for Fareham, seen here on the roof made by Fareham Men's Shed, promoting her 'Shout from the rooftops' event in Fareham precinct. Here she met Father Christmas and other event organisers wishing them a happy and peaceful Christmas.

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Mears Group tools donation (7 images).

Unloading the gifts<br>

December - Mears Group expressed an interest in how we were getting on and visited us bearing gifts. Talk about Christmas come early. It will certainly be a change to use brand new hand tools as well as those very kindly donated by various people during garage clearances and the like.

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How to restore a pug-mill - A What? (4 images) The mill originally

November - Our first major tool restoration project - A pugmill (or pug mill is a machine in which clay or other materials are mixed into a plastic state or a similar machine for the trituration of ore). Successfully restored and sold on to help Shed funds.

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Starting the build (23 images)

And we've got to clear THIS

May to July - The theatre found a great spot for us, warm, dry but basically it had been used as a long term storage system with no immediate useage factor so the first move was to clear a path to it and start to erect the necessary furniture to turn it into something that might be recognised as a shed.

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The first REAL meeting (8 images)


June - After the original meeting organised by Community Action Fareham and the search to find a venue the committee was formed and started to plan the future. Here the committee members are looking around and planning the facilities at the Titchfield Festival Theatre, with a flying visit from the Chairman of Australia's sheds.

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