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2018 Activities

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When can we start on our own hovercraft? (6 images)

Well the Shed has started to spread it's wings by offering to help in the restoration of the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-the-Solent, the only museum of it's type IN THE WORLD. We are starting in a small way, initially by sprucing up the new toilet block. Well let's be honest, at our age it's one of the important features of any building.

Once we have finished this bit I think that the members working on it will want to see if they can get the Princess Anne seaworthy again, maybe for next Summer, although I don't think that the staff at the Museum are too keen on the idea.shhh emoticon

Open Day 24-10-2018 (6 images)

Another excellent open day with a visit from Fareham's Lady Mayoress, Cllr. Susan Bayford. I may be wrong but I think that she was very impressed with what we are doing and how the Shed has developed. She was presented with a lovely bouquet supplied by a local florist.
There was a lot of interest from prospective new members both in the workshop and in the computer systems and 3D printer. A comment was made by one prospect that he "thought that the Shed would be all about woodwork and associated crafts" but was surprised to find the level of IT that we have, I am not sure why, after all we are living in the 21st century and if we can help members in this new environment then that can only be for the good.

The pitch Cllr. Bayford and Chris H The Mayoress with her flowers Workshop 1 Workshop 2 The recreation room

Solent Air Museum (8 images)

Unfortunately the organisation of the event left a great deal to be desired. Basically it was a disaster from the seminars point of view. According to the programme they should have started at 10:00 but in fact didn't begin until 11:30, but hey ho, when they did start they were extremely interesting. It was a shame that Solid Solutions pulled out as that would probably have been just as informative.

The representatives of the companies that were there were all very approachable and extremely helpful. I would guess that most members have by now seen how the 3D printer in the Shed works but Frazer Nash showed how metal powder 3D printing occurs.

As far as getting the models into a printable form Faro showed a couple of alternative 3D scanning systems but at c£3,500 we would need an exceptionally good justification for that sort of spend.

Graitec, Frazer Nash and isodo3d have all offered to come to the Shed and give a presentation of how and what they do. The Graitec VR (virtual reality) was, if you have not experienced something like it already, not to be missed.

In addition Frazer Nash have offered a visit to their establishment in Petersfield. It would be good to know if there is any interest in these offers, possibly to be arranged for early next year.

All in all, even had there been nothing about 3D printing the Museum is extremely well worth a visit. It is has a small but perfectly formed footprint with many exhibits shoehorned into a small building.

Srewfix Live 2018

On Friday the 28th September seven members of Fareham Men's Shed visited the Screwfix Live exhibition at the Farnborough Exhibition Centre. Following the instructions of the satnav we travelled north up the A3 and were then guided through quiet little villages which seemed to take us forever with speed limits at times reduced to just 20mph!

The extended journey took its toll on some members resulting in the convoy of 2 cars splitting up to find a garage that could offer more than just fuel!

We were amazed at the size of the exhibition centre and were taken by bus from the car park. We had all pre-registered so had no trouble in getting our voucher for a free goody bag reportedly worth £30!!

After exchanging mobile numbers we split up as we all had different reason for attending. It was agreed we would all do our own thing and meet up at 13.00 at the area B refreshment stand.

The next 2 hours was spent being impressed with the way technology had moved on. There was everything on show from special carbide blades that would cut anything and allow you to handle even steel after it had been cut (it was only warm not hot as you would expect) to little door bells with cameras, super-efficient boilers and lots and lots of fixings!

With 10% off everything some of us picked up the odd bargain, well you can never have enough screws can you?

The refreshment stand in B area did not have a lot to offer, so again we split up with some taking advantage of the sunny day they went outside to get ripped off while others moved to area A to share the same experience but inside!

By about 14.00 we thought we would collect our goody bag and venture home without the use of the sat nav.

The impressive goody bag contained a 4 pack of AA batteries, a paint brush, a roller, a 2 metre tape rule, a pen and a pen with a screwdriver bit in the other end if you could get the top off without breaking it, a pair of sticky gloves (I think the rubber had just perished) a very good dust mask but sadly no book of stamps or cuddly toys as Brucey would have said and best of all a leather football but no valve to inflate it.

So all in all it was a good day with the seven members doing a bit of bonding (nothing to do with the sticky gloves!) but now wondering what to do with 7 leather footballs!

Macmillan coffee morning (11 images)

The Macmillan coffee morning held on 27th September proved to be a very successful venture with takings more than doubling last year's event and enabling us to pass over nearly £400.00 to the organisation.

The rehearsal room at the Theatre was packed to the gunwales with a visit from Fareham Borough Councillors Bryant and Clubley.

Our guests were shown around the Shed and even though I say it myself, I think that most of them were surprised and impressed at how much had changed since the last coffee morning.

We would like to express our thanks to the following organisations who supported the morning:
Titchfield Festival Theatre
Asda - Newgate Lane
Tesco - Fareham
Sainsbury's - Broadcut
Moonstones Florist - Fareham Park Road
Costa Coffee - Delme Square
St Magaret's Nurseries
Holiday Inn - Titchfield
And of course all those who supplied cakes (Mmmmmmmm!!)

Stubbington Fayre (6 images)

Stubbington Fayre really was a raving success, ideal weather, great turn-out of members and very profitable for the Shed. The rat got well and truly splatted and compliments flowed fairly freely about the friendliness of the members and the quality and value of the hand made products that we had available. Orders were taken for the bug houses and various other items.
Maybe a double pitch next year, who knows.

The pitch Did he get the water or the wine? Splat the rat sign Ready, steady, SPLAT Oh so close I'll get the little beggar

From this To this This is going to take some work Well, it's better than bending down I'll bet it didn't do Rod's knees any good That's good, a bench in our colours We've told you about wearing sandals to work before Peter! Who said Rod missed a bit under there? It's OK, it's not paint, it's debris under the bench And onto the next bench Now that really looks the picture - Well done lads

Redlands School (11 images)

We were asked to perform some decorating tasks at Redlands School a while ago. The paint came, the weather came and some of the Shed members came to transform some very tired looking benches at Redlands School into a little bit of sunshine - et voilà.

I was delighted with the refurbishment of the benches and tables at Redlands Primary School. School funding is extremely tight and to have this work completed without charge, has been a tremendous help to us.

No doubt the children will enjoy their lunch time in the quad more, now that the benches and tables are looking so bright and cheerful.

Please especially pass on my personal thanks to Mike who visited the school on several occasions and helped me with the shopping list of items for the work to be completed.

The work of Fareham Men's Shed is excellent and a real bonus to the local community.

Kind Regards
Gill Wallis
School Business Manager

Praise indeed

Wallington Fete (9 images)

A cracking day out, the weather just couldn't have been nicer, sunny, very warm but not in the least bit humid. Splat the rat went down a storm as did the wine or whine and there was a good deal of general interest in the Shed. There were certainly a fair few things exhibits that sent some of us straight back to our youth, a traction engine, a really cracking Morgan, some Lambrettas and a Vespa but no parkas. And just to finish a wonderful day, there were two exceptionally patient and really beautifully turned out shire horses taking people for a ride around the field. Next year will be a definite activity.

Men's Shed table Splatting the rat The WI really splatted the rat Traction engine Morgan dashboard Motor scooters Shire horse 1 Shire horse 2 Landscape

Nick Girdler with shears Nick Girdler, Cllrs. Hockley and Bryant Asda's cheque presentation

EGM and Grand Opening (3 images)

There was a very good turnout for the EGM with 32 members attending. The fact that becoming a charity affected our constitution and rules was accepted and the day just moved on to the grand opening performed by Nick Girdler of Radio Solent fame.

1 Community Showcase (5 images)

A packed venue, very well supported by all of the charities that attended. I must admit my favourites were definitely the guide dogs, such beautiful and well behaved animals although the Dalek didn't disgrace him/herself either.

Shedric Fundunt drew a fair bit of attention, but then he has always been one for grabbing the limelight whenever he could. His chauffeur complained that he was a bit stand-offish on the journey - didn't say a word all the way.

Many thanks to Hayley and all of her helpers from 1Community for all of the work that they obviosly put in - we couldn't have had a better position, front and centre as you walked into the event.

Men's Shed table Shedric Fundunt
Guide dog
Guide dogs Dalek

Shedric Shedric and Richard

Open Day 23-05-2018 (2 images)

The open day on the 23rd proved to be very successful. A number of new and prospective new members appeared and hopefully had a very enjoyable experience.

We made the News( - Link to the article) One new member who made his presence felt was Shedric, our new mascot - there he is, front and centre in the article - many thanks to Richard for acting as Dr Frankenstein and midwife. The next stage must be to zap him and turn him into an automaton. With all of the thunderstorms that we have had lately we should be able to do it fairly easily.

Marks and Spencer in Fareham Precinct (3 images)

Many thanks to Mick Foster, Rod Parker, Geoff Culverson, Keith Curtis, Colin Mansbridge, Brian Pike, Graham Bell and Chris Nixon for all of the effort put into denuding Marks and Spencer of the surplus bits and pieces after the closure. Also thanks to Alan and Kevin for driving the van. It took 3 journeys but hopefully the Theatre will now have enough racking to keep them busy for a few months and we should have landed up with the necessary storage and filing cupboards and drawers that we were after - pictures to follow when we have managed to sort the theatre stores area a bit more.

Above all many, many thanks to Helen, Lorraine and all of the other members of staff at Marks and Spencer for their kindness and help (especially with the lift) and of course to Marks and Spencer for allowing us to be released on their unsuspecting store.

M&S Racking M&S Racking
M&S Racking

New TFT changing rooms New TFT changing rooms New TFT changing rooms

Titchfield Festival Theatre (3 images)

A couple of the Shed's members turned a dark and dismal area into half a dozen very cosy changing rooms for the cast of productions. It should prove somewhat more pleasant than what they have been used to in the past.

Shed Extension (26 images)

The pictures show a few of the important stages in the progress and just to add a bit more spice a video of part of the ceiling going up can be viewed on You Tube. We now have water flowing (controllably) into and out of the new kitchen area along with a sink and the necessary accouterments like a kettle and urn. Thanks to Rod for saving the sink and taps from the skip, Adam from TFT for donating the worktops and above all to Bob and Chris Hodgson for all of their efforts. The electrical supply is now connected and certified. Thanks to Ern Bowles and Geoff Culverson for feeding the armoured cable through, that must have been one hell of a wrestling match. The layout for the workshop has been agreed. The computers are up and connected to the Internet.

And finally it is all coming together. And here is the agreed layout. And here is the agreed layout. And here is the agreed layout. Peace perfect peace - fits like a glove. Job done. Building the new benches. It really is starting to look like a shed now. Bob, our master of all trades, Jack of none, caught by surprise.

Tomo's Ark (2 images)

He keeps on about his ark for the RSPCA, but I still can't work out how he's going to get the animals in. - Apparently it will be a collection box for the Ark at Stubbington so maybe the coins will go in two by two. He's enjoying himself but Bob looks a bit worried in picture 2.

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