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Last updated 11-01-2018

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2019 Activities

Date, Time and location Location Contact
14-01-2019 -
Triathlon training Chris Hodgson
e-Bay training session Richard Bunce
Presentation on Powers of Attorneys, Wills, Probate and other non-investment financial arrangements for members, family and guests. Chris Hodgson
Annual General Meeting. Chris Hodgson
09:30 - 15:00
Osborn Mall
1 Community Fareham Discovery Fair Any Trustee
12:00 - 16:30
Wallington Water Meadows
Wallington Village fete Any Trustee

Financial presentation

In April 2017 Sue Mason gave an extremely interesting and informative presentation on the necessity for Wills, Powers of Attorney, Tenancies in Common and other legal intricacies that, if you haven't thought about it until now, you certainly need to. She has very kindly agreed to give another presentation to us. This presentation is open to members, members families and friends so you are more than welcome to invite your children along.

When she gave the presentation then it certainly opened my eyes to the ramifications of dying without these safeguards in place. For example, did you know that at our age if your grandchildren's parents were to die, guardianship would not necessarily pass to you unless it was specifically written into their parent's wills - Social Sevices would get involved and goodness know where that would lead?

If you were to die intestate then your next of kin would have to deal with the Official Solicitor, and believe me, that is one extremely expensive and difficult department to deal with.

Sue is a very personable and pleasant person to deal with, although she is not a solicitor she is a highly qualified will writer and from personal experience is a pleasure to arrange these sort of details.

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