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Date and Time Location Description Contact
10:30 - 13:30
The Old Barn Macmillan Coffee Morning Any Trustee
10:00 - 14:00
Ferneham Hall 1Community flyer Any Trustee
TBA Beaulieu Beaulieu Motor Museum Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Whitchurch Silk Mill" Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery Tony Crane

The Distillery and Silk Mill are only 6 minutes from each other (by car) so this could be a "double header"

Trips closer to home

Don't forget, if you have any other ideas please let Tony know.


It is regretted that The Fareham Men's Shed must decline requests for assistance from the general public. This is because shed members would not be insured when working outside of the shed environs, and any coverage for accidents both to shed members and a third party would be nullified.

Macmillan Coffee morning

Macmillan Cancer coffee morning posterMacmillan Cancer coffee morning poster

Last year we raised over £400 for the worthy cause and to be honest the rehearsal room got a bit crowded so this year we have upgraded the venue to the Great Barn.

A challenge has also been laid down, I wonder how many members will dare their hand at this:
A competition for the best home made cake has been suggested, entry cost will £5 per cake all of which will go the Macmillan Trust. A long standing member of the MacMillan Organisation will be judging the results and we shall also find an appropriate prize. The fly in the ointment is that the cake MUST BE MADE BY THE MEMBER and must be accompanied by an affidavit signed by a relevant person attesting to the fact. All my own work certificate
Link to the MacMillan website

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Day at the Races 28-08-2019

Watching the horses

Six members took their spouses to Fontwell Park race course for a summer afternoon and evening meet with 7 races. While we were pleased to be bathed in sunshine the position of the stands meant we were gazing directly into the sun. However, the large screen on the other side of the track gave us a constant view of just how far back your donkey was from the leaders!

There was a minimum bet of £5 per race. If there were enough runners you could have a £2.50 each way bet if not, it was a straight £5 to win.

With just one of us backing the winner in the first race we got off to a shaky start with more than a few groans! The second race found three of us in the winners enclosure so with smiles all round we move to race three with a bit more confidence and winnings to invest or was it lose? Beautiful People romped home and we were down to just one of us picking the winner again. Most of us backing Prophets Prayer but we obviously did not pray enough! With five of us now looking to one of our members for tips as he had the first 3 winners, the only thing he gave away was his cash like the rest of us!!

We are pleased to say like many stories this one has a happy ending as well!

Race five with just 3 runners and the favourite showing at 11-4 on, (for those who are not into racing that means you get £4 back for £11 you bet, not good odds). Four of us decided to back the outsider FR Humphrey at 12-1. With an exciting finish as they raced up the hill good old Humphrey repaid all those that had showed their faith in him with a return of £65!

Race six, 4 runners, so again back to win only. With Ennistown being backed down to 4-1 on, we thought if one outsider can do it let's back Carolines Charm at 20-1. She was charming, leading for the entire race, the filly gave us another exciting finish giving us a return £105 back for our £5. We joined the long queue to collect our winnings from one of the five bookies, we exchanged tears with him only ours were for a different reason to his!!!! LOVELY

So race 7, the last one of the evening. We are now on a high and all showing a handsome profit. Being the last race most of us backed two horses. Better odds this time, more open prices but no big prices. Remembering what we are, most of us backed Working Class as an outsider at 7 -1 shouting and willing him on and made it by half a length! Another £40 to collect from those poor bookies!

So by now there must be some of you that wished you had come along for the fun, We will pay another visit one day if only to give all that money back to those poor bookies.

Finally thanks to Rod who suggested the idea, a big thank to Tony for organising it and an even bigger one to FR Humphrey, Carolines Charm and Working Class!

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Stubbington Fayre 26-08-2019

Stubbington Fayre stall-1

What a scorcher of a day, to be honest I can only remember one Stubbington Fayre that had really bad weather but this year's was really exceptional. The sun certainly seemed to attract the crowds, in fact it was so busy during the time that I was there that I couldn't get a good shot of the pitch but the ones that I did manage are here.

The guys turned up at the Shed quite early in the morning along with Eric and his trusty trailer, they loaded up and then realised that one of the tyres was flat, out came the pump and they were up and ready, the best bit is though, somebody on the pitch sold the pump, let's hope that Eric doesn't get another flat. This year we had two pitches at the Fayre - that was a bit of luck because we had more than enough items for sale along with the Wine or whine stall, the Shed made items and the bric-a-brac stall to fill them both. Heidi, Asda's Community Champion arrived to lend a hand, I couldn't resist a shot of the back of her shirt (sorry about the rear view Heidi) and if there is anything that Asda can do to help you or your organisation here is a list of the sort of things that they are into (see picture 6).

We had many gratifying and approving comments from, among others, Fareham's Mayoress, Copnor Shed and even Gosport Shed.

Takings were up over 40% on last year's, we ran out of wine AND water, we ran out of sweets for Splat the Rat and John's laser cut models went down a treat.

So well done everybody for such a powerful turn-out. It was obviously a realy worthwhile day and here's to next year's Fayre.

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1st Aid Presentation 12-07-2019

A very interesting lecture was given to 15 members of the Shed on basic aspects of 1st Aid. Many thanks Maggie but let us hope that we never need to put the knowledge that you imparted into practice.

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Wallington Fair 06-07-2019 (5 images)

Wallington stall

We attended the Wallington Fair for the second time on 06-07-2019. A very successful day out again, much interest was once again shown by the public.

A few days ago a very dilapidated trailer arrived outside the Theatre, a small group ripped it apart as all of the wooden parts had rotted away, and re-built it. What a godsend, it made transportation so easy.

We made a nice profit from the sale of the handicrafts and car boot items (I didn't know that there was such a market for imperial size spanners). Splat the Rat was again extremely popular and I actually saw a young lady splat the creature - I always thought that it was impossible but Evie proved me wrong - and the wine or whine made a packet - I think that many punters were just as pleased to win the water as the wine because of the temperature.

It was nice to see the Play your Cards Right board that we made for 1Community on display - only problem was that they caught me to play and I obviously lost.

All in all an great day out - see you next year.

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Suella's Senior Citizen's Fair 17-05-2019 (2 images)

Our local MP, Suella Braverman, held her annual Senior Citizen's Fair at the Genesis Centre in Locks Heath Centre on 17-05-2019. We attended along with numerous other organisations that concern themselves with the health and wellbeing of us older residents. Previous years have seen it held at Ferneham Hall and the College. The venue this year was somewhat smaller but very well attended. Chris H., Chris N., Milton, Rod and Gordon manned the stand. Unfortunately the room wasn't big enough to get a good picture and I can't afford a wide angle lens at the moment but really Gordon it wasn't that scary.

For the first time we took the 3D printer which drew a great deal of attention, so much so in fact, that it will have to become a permanent feature at show like this where we can have power available. Unfortunately Rocky took a slight tumble and broke his leg but after a quick visit to the glue gun he was as good as new.

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1 Community Fareham Discovery Fair 06-03-2019 (2 images)

Some of the Shed members spent a very pleasant few hours in the Precinct. There was much interest shown in the Shed and we made a few bob selling our wares, in fact somebody has asked for more light pulls. The staff in the 1Community shop have agreed to take orders for bird boxes and the like, so with Moonstones Florists in Fareham Park Road, we now have two retail outlets.
It was nice to meet with old friends like Sharon who used to be our contact at Asda and Hayley from 1Community is always good for a laugh. Also investigation is being undertaken by FBC to see if there is anywhere that spoiled items made from polylactic acid (PLA) material used in the 3D printer can be recycled. Out of interest if you have any queries about re-cycling in Fareham a very useful contact could be Barbara Cowie, once again a very pleasant young lady who knows her stuff.

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Presentation on using e-Bay 04-02-2019

Richard gave a fascinating insight into how to sell on e-Bay on 4th February. About 10 members attended, personally I found it quite instructive. It was nice to be given hints and tips by such an old-stager who has boosted our finances by thousands of pounds over the past few years.

Don't forget that if you DO sell anything on e-Bay you can pass part, or indeed ALL, of the proceeds to the Shed.

Check out what is for sale from the Shed by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

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