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Last updated 24-05-2019

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2019 Activities


Date and Time Location Description Contact
30-05-2019 New Milton Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum Tony Crane
12:00 - 16:30
Wallington Water Meadows Wallington Village fete Any Trustee
TBA Beaulieu Beaulieu Motor Museum Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Whitchurch Silk Mill" Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery Tony Crane

The Distillery and Silk Mill are only 6 minutes from each other (by car) so this could be a "double header"

Trips closer to home

Don't forget, if you have any other ideas please let Tony know.

Sammy Miller's Motorcycle Museum

BSA Bantam D1 Trip to the Sammy Miller Motorcycle Museum at New Milton which will be on May 30th 2019.
Entrance fee is £9 per person Members can contact Tony by email for more info.
Should you wish to join us for a really interesting day out, please add your name to the list on the noticeboard, wives are also welcome if they would like to come along.
Once we have a final total, we will know the number of vehicles required and if you are willing to take 3 passengers in your car please place a tick against your name on the list
Verdel 5cyl. Rotary

New facility (2 images)

The Shed has just welcomed a new member who has his own laser cutter/engraver. Something that could well become a useful tool for the future. Apparently it ain't as easy as you might think to put one of these in, water cooling, extraction, .... but it might well be worth thinking about if we can turn items like this out, for now we can piggy-back on John's personal machine.

Orders for X-wings, Millenium Falcons, and other bespoke items can now be supplied, an example is the sign made for 1Community - you can see it in the 1Community shop in Fareham Precinct. (More images to follow).

Titchfield Allotment Society Noticeboard (3 images)

Some members of the Shed went to a meeting attended by most of the volunteer groups based in Titchfield. Not too sure how but when we left we found oursleves allied to the local Farmers Market Group and with a request for a strong outside noticeboard for the Allotment Society. As with all of the other activities like this the Society agreed to pay for materials whilst the Shed supplied the labour for nothing.
The last time that I saw it it was looking really good. Fully treated wood so it should last with a Perspex covering.

Breast Cancer Haven (4 images)

Breast Cancer Haven in Titchfield offers support for those suffering from breast cancer. We were asked to create a new bra ping-pong board for them as their's was old, tired and too big and heavy. Ken and Mick came up with this folding version. When the Haven has populated it with brasierres as targets for the ping-pong balls I shall add another picture. (Just one quick thought, I wonder whether you get a bigger prize for landing the ball in an A cup as opposed to a double D cup?).

Apparently about 400 men in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, mainly in men over 60 but not unknown in younger men, nowhere near the nearly 55,000 female victims but needs to be thought about, perhaps we ought to ask the organisation for a presentation on the subject.

What a brickbat of a thankyou
"It was so wonderful to see you all at the tea party at the centre. It was an incredibly busy day, but very successful, raising over £1,800 just on that day!
I am pleased to say that bra pong has been used for the first time! Please find photo attached. It was HUGE success, both with transporting it, putting it up, ease of use, storage, game playing, colour, just about everything!! We honestly can’t thank you all enough for your help with this, it will make a HUGE difference to our work, and enable us to make an awful lot of money".

All we can say is "It was our pleasure to support you"

We must be on a horsey theme

After repairs to the Lion's horses Thomo was spotted in the stables working on not one, not two but three rocking horses. The first picture to be captured was when he started to glue the rlevant pieces together.

I shall try and keep an eye on him and bring regular updates as it is quite a project that he has embarked on.

Ready for the off

Fareham Lions were having a problem at their stables, the horses kept going lame and we were asked if we had any veterinarians that could look at the problem.
We transported the thoroughbreds to the surgery and found that the way that the hooves (wheels) had been fitted was causing the problem - somebody needs to speak with their farrier. We modified the way that the wheels were fitted and gave them a slight touch up.
Now they are all straining at the bit for their next outing.

Received from our contact at the Lions:

Dear fellow friends at the Fareham Shed.

Many thanks for your work in refurbishing our ‘Horses’ which we use & allow other groups to use to raise funds for many schools, groups and charities. Not only were they picked up but were delivered on completion ready for their next known outing in May.

Thank you gentlemen

On behalf of the President and members of the Lions Club of Fareham.

Financial presentation

In April 2017 Sue Mason gave an extremely interesting and informative presentation on the necessity for Wills, Powers of Attorney, Tenancies in Common and other legal intricacies that, if you hadn't thought about it you certainly need to. She very kindly agreed to give another presentation to us. This presentation was open to members, members families and friends.

When she gave the presentation in 2017 then it certainly opened my eyes to the ramifications of dying without these safeguards in place. For example, did you know that at our age if your grandchildren's parents were to die, guardianship would not necessarily pass to you unless it was specifically written into their parent's wills - Social Sevices would get involved and goodness know where that would lead?

If you were to die intestate then your next of kin would have to deal with the Official Solicitor, and believe me, that is one extremely expensive and difficult department to deal with.

Sue is a very personable and pleasant person to deal with, although she is not a solicitor she is a highly qualified will writer and from personal experience is a pleasure to arrange these sort of details.

If you missed the presentation but would like to contact Sue speak with Chris Hodgson.

Presentation on using e-Bay

Richard gave a fascinating insight into how to sell on e-Bay on 4th February. About 10 members attended, personally I found it quite instructive. It was nice to be given hints and tips by such an old-stager who has boosted our finances by thousands of pounds over the past few years.

Don't forget that if you DO sell anything on e-Bay you can pass part, or indeed ALL, of the proceeds to the Shed.

Check out what is for sale from the Shed by clicking on the link at the top of this page.

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