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The Shed is now CLOSED until further notice.

Please can we all keep in touch via e-mails and Facebook. e-mail addresses are available on the Contacts page. We will keep members informed via e- or in a few cases snail mail.

Last updated 17-03-2020


It is regretted that The Fareham Men's Shed must decline requests for assistance from the general public. This is because shed members would not be insured when working outside of the shed environs, and any coverage for accidents both to shed members and a third party would be nullified.

Planned trips

Date and Time Location Description Contact
TBA Beaulieu Beaulieu Motor Museum Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Whitchurch Silk Mill" Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery Tony Crane

The Distillery and Silk Mill are only 6 minutes from each other (by car) so this could be a "double header"

Trips closer to home

  • Fareham Fire Station
  • Daedalus (Solent Airport)
  • Diving Museum
  • D-Day Museum
  • Fort Nelson (Royal Armouries Museum
Don't forget, if you have any other ideas please let Tony know.

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A Total Shock

Came as a bit of a shock the other morning - Rod suddenly turned round and asked "You doing anything this evening 'cause the Crofton W.I. have asked if we could fill in for a speaker who has gone AWOL?" How could we say no. So Rod and I turned up at 8 o'clock and went into our spiel. Problems with the projector (always seem to happen when you are rushing doesn't it?)so Rod filled in while the situation was resolved by their techie.

After that all went well and I think that about 50 ladies were quite enthralled . Tea, cake, a very appreciative audience (I think), £30 for the funds and a couple of requests for objets d’utilisation.

All in all a very successful evening

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iPad Training

Hampshire Libraries will be running a two session training course for iPad users. If you think that you could do with brushing up on some of your skills or if you are thinking of buying an iPad then this may help you to decide whether or not it would be a wise investment

Dates for the course, assuming that there is enough interest will be 1st and 8th April - each day consisting of a 2½ hour session from a 10:30 to 13:00. So far we have 5 places booked and we need 10 so the remaining 5 places will be on a first come first served basis. Ipads will be supplied by the Library Service if needed.

If this is a success then they have offered to run a similar course for the Android operating system, the one that powers most non-iPhones and non-iPads. I know that I am in need of such a course and it would prove a very good comparison of the different device's abilities.

If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible so that I can confirm dates.

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Annual General Meeting (2 images)

The crowd at the AGM

Well the AGM went off spiffingly well. Heidi from Asda appeared with offerings of biscuits and other commestibles but unfortunately couldn't stay for the meeting. Jenny from Community First arrived as our guest of honour. Just as we were about to settle down for the business somebody did something and set the fire alarm off. Thank goodness the weather was at least partially kind to us - cold but no rain, and of course like every other fire alarm I have come across it was neither real nor a test. Still it all added to the fun.

A presentation from Peter R, chair and Chris H, money. Then Kevin from TFT gave us a short presentation on where the Theatre is at the moment as far as future developments are concerned which after all of the rumours that have been circulating lately put many members minds at rest I think. And that was just about that. Three trustees resigned as per the rules and were duly re-elected in the most part. We have two new trustees, Barry Groce and Frank Masters. Neville has very gently passed the job of membership secretary to Frank.

Other than that everything remains as before. The so-an-so's finally managed to get me into one of the pictures kindly taken by Jenny - we're not inviting her again.winking emoji

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Southern Men's Shed Network Meeting 03-02-2020 (4 images)
All together in the Theatre

Well it was an EXCELLENT event, 29 visitors from, I think, 12 different sheds. At the start there was concern that we would not have enough food, then when it was all laid out it was thought that there was far too much. In the end it ALL went. Thanks guys (and partners maybe) for the excellent offerings.

I think that our visitors were reasonably well impressed. Certainly a fair few of them remarked about the opulence of the venue. Visits were made to the Shed itself and luckily nobody tripped over anything on their way.

Graham opened the event with a welcome to which Peter R responded by telling everybody how to escape and where to go if the old bladder started to worry anybody. Rod P then gave an excellent early history of the Shed followed by Chris N bringing everybody up to date. Graham from the SMS Network gave a chat on how important Health and Safety was to every member and it was good to hear that from the 500+ sheds nationwide, as far as he knew there had NEVER been a personal injury claim. Then off to sample the amazing range of comestibles.

Once that was over Rod's guide to stripping (wire) was followed by Chris N's story of the plinky-plonks, Tony C's suggestion that we co-operate with other sheds on visits, Chris H's guide to where and how to obtain cash and Richard B's description of his work on E-bay finishing with questions and an invite to all to visit the Isle of Wight's Shed fest this year.

Once again thank's to all Shed members who got involved. It was well worth the effort and we can hold our heads high after a such a great turnout. Let's just hope that all of our visitors who parked at the Hotel remembered to book in. Also we must mention Scott from the Theatre staff who stayed and looked after the sound for us - Thanks Scott.

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Visit to Britten-Norman

Planning is in early stages for a visit to the Britten-Norman facility at Daedalus. Britten-Norman are the designers and manufacturers of the well-known Islander and Defender aircraft.

The current position of this event is that they have asked for what sort of numbers would be involved in the visit. If you are interested could you please let Chris Nixon or Tony Crane know, we do not know what the limit will be we shall run this one purely on a first come first served basis.

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Get to know your iPad

The course is now fully booked although we could do with a couple of reserves in case somebody drops out so I shall leave this here for a little longer.

Hampshire Libraries have offered an Introduction to iPads course for new owners, those thinking of buying one or for those who already own an iPad but would like to get more out of it.
By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate the basic connections and controls
  • Setup your tablet with an Apple ID and iCloud account
  • Recognise common symbols and terms associated with iPads
  • Select, organise, open and close apps from the home screen
  • Adjust basic settings including connecting to wi-fi
  • Find and install music, films, etc form the iTunes Store
  • Use common gestures to operate your tablet
  • Find and install apps in the App Store
  • Use the camera and video recorder
If you do not currently own an iPad you should be able to borrow one from the tutor—Numbers will have to be given as soon as possible.

The course will consist of 2 x 2½hour sessions to be held in the Shed on April 1st and April 8th. Attendance is limited to 10 people on a first come first served basis. Some members have asked if they can bring their partners which is perfectly OK.

If this is a success then they have offered to run a similar course for the Android operating system, the one that powers most non-iPhones and non-iPads. I know that I am in need of such a course and it would prove a very good comparison of the different device's abilities.

If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible if you need to borrow an iPad.

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