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Last updated 14-01-2020

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Planned trips

Date and Time Location Description Contact
03-02-2020 SMS Network meeting TFT Oak Theatre Chris Nixon
10-02-2020 FMS Annual General Meeting TFT Acorn Theatre Any committee member
01-04-2020 iPad Introduction day 1 FMS Tea Room Chris Nixon
07-04-2020 iPad Introduction day 2 FMS Tea Room Chris Nixon
TBA Beaulieu Beaulieu Motor Museum Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Whitchurch Silk Mill" Tony Crane
TBA Whitchurch Bombay Sapphire Gin Distillery Tony Crane

The Distillery and Silk Mill are only 6 minutes from each other (by car) so this could be a "double header"

Trips closer to home

Don't forget, if you have any other ideas please let Tony know.

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It is regretted that The Fareham Men's Shed must decline requests for assistance from the general public. This is because shed members would not be insured when working outside of the shed environs, and any coverage for accidents both to shed members and a third party would be nullified.

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Southern Men's Shed Network Meeting

We have agreed to host the next Southern Men’s Shed Network meeting on Monday 3rd February. The Southern Men’s Shed Group covers an area of about 50 miles radius centred on Havant so there are quite a few Shed’s within the catchment area.

The general idea of the day is as follows:

11.30 Arrival and visit our shed workshop
12.30 Buffet Lunch.
13:15 The meeting

  1. Introduction by Graham Gowman
  2. The Fareham Shed Story
  3. 4 relatively short presentations
    • Stripping for profit
    • A guide to schmoozing
    • How we plink our plonks
    • e-Bay, the electronic money maker
  4. Break for tea coffee
  5. H&S matters,
  6. News from UK Men’s Shed Association
  7. General discussion on Shed matters
  8. Any other business
    • Offers to host next meeting May 2020

If you have any questions that you would like to throw into the mix please feel free. (Just not the old one about female members).

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Get to know your iPad

The course is now fully booked although we could do with a couple of reserves in case somebody drops out so I shall leave this here for a little longer.

Hampshire Libraries have offered an Introduction to iPads course for new owners, those thinking of buying one or for those who already own an iPad but would like to get more out of it.
By the end of the course you should be able to:

If you do not currently own an iPad you should be able to borrow one from the tutor—Numbers will have to be given as soon as possible.

The course will consist of 2 x 2½hour sessions to be held in the Shed on April 1st and April 8th. Attendance is limited to 10 people on a first come first served basis. Some members have asked if they can bring their partners which is perfectly OK.

If this is a success then they have offered to run a similar course for the Android operating system, the one that powers most non-iPhones and non-iPads. I know that I am in need of such a course and it would prove a very good comparison of the different device's abilities.

If you are interested please contact me as soon as possible if you need to borrow an iPad.

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