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Last updated 28-01-2019

notice of 2019 annual general meeting.

Agenda for the Annual General Meeting

Following the notice given for the 2019 AGM to be held on 11/02/19, I would like to remind members of the timescales and rules leading up to the meeting.

The meeting will be held in the Acorn Theatre at the TFT, commencing at 10.30 am. Additional parking is available at the Holiday Inn Hotel car park.


Finally, please don't leave it to others and consider standing as a trustee or volunteer for a committee role.

The continued success of FMS depends on sharing the workload.

Best Regards
Milton Hewins

Notice of 2019 AGM

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Top table members
Download the 2018 AGM minutes here

2018 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 2nd Annual General Meeting of Fareham Men’s Shed(FMS)

Held on 6th February 2018 at the Titchfield Festival Theatre (TFT)

    • Members Present: Malcolm McInnes, Rod Parker, Jack Longford, Milton Hewins, Chris Hodgson, Keith Curtis, Neville Wheeler, Michael Foster, Robert McFarland, Richard Bunce, Dave Jarman, Peter Raven, Chris Nixon, Gordon Henniker, Peter Keepence, John Wathen, David Philips, Tony Millis, Raymond Hale, Chris Lane, Colin Mansbridge, Paul Jackson, Graham Bell & Tony Rea
    • Alan Pearton, Bill Hellyer-Kinch, Mike Martin, Tony Crane, Dave Thompson, Ernest Bowles & Geoff Colverson
    • Julian Shaw, Terry Moore, Doug Reeves, Sharon Noble(ASDA), Paul O’Beirne (CAF), Cllr Séan Woodward (FBC), Kevin Fraser (TFT) & Peter Milner
    • The minutes of last year’s AGM were approved and accepted.
      Proposer - Chris Nixon, seconder- Mick Foster.
    • There were no matters arising
  2. Chairman's ReportCHAIRMAN'S REPORT:
    • The meeting was opened by Peter Raven who welcomed all guests and members.
    • He briefly covered the reasons for the purpose of the Shed. He also re-stated the importance of adhering to the H&S policy adopted by the organisation. Peter went on to summarise our involvement in 2017 in the local community projects. He mentioned some of the projects members were involved in such as: Stubbington Ark, Homeless Bus, Gardening, restoring the 1930s organ in TFT and generally helping within the building development of the theatre. He went on to thank all members for their huge commitment, time and effort in helping with the expansion of the FMS facilities within the theatre.
    • Peter also stated that due to the time spent on improving our facilities and involvement in community projects, the social side took a hit and we were not able to organise many outings for members. However we managed to visit Thorngate Hall to see first-hand the workings and set up of a pipe organ which benefited members involved in setting up the pipe organ at TFT. A good day was also enjoyed by members at Tangmere Military Aviation and Museum.
    • Peter also commented on the events we attended to raise the general awareness of the Fareham Men's Shed. FMS manned stands during last year at, Locksheath Shopping Centre, Ferneham Hall, Stubbington Green (Fayre), Fareham College and Fareham Shopping Mall and Precinct.
    • On membership, Peter reported our numbers continue to grow with the vast majority of current members renewing. There are also a number of new members waiting to join.
    • Peter concluded by thanking all members for their efforts and commitment during the last year and reminded the meeting of the challenge we face in going for charitable status. He also stated that an EGM will be called at some point when we are ready to change over to Charitable status.
  3. Community Action Fareham's ReportCOMMUNITY ACTION FAREHAM'S REPORT:
    • Paul O’Beirne expressed his delight in the massive progress in the relative short time the Shed has made since its very first meeting.
    • He praised the committee for their organisational skills and commitment to meet on a regular basis and ensuring progress was maintained by tracking actions and carrying out plans. He also stated that it came as no surprise that FMS were going for CIO (charitable incorporated organisation) status. He stated that all the current governance will have to be reviewed and aligned with the requirements of the CIO. However once this was achieved FMS could greatly benefit from donations made by local businesses. Paul reminded the meeting of the need to volunteer for other roles in the community and to encourage members to spread the word among friends, relatives and neighbours. He concluded, by thanking members for taking on the development of the FMS and stated that at some future date he hopes to join the organisation.
  4. Titchfield Festival Theatre's ReportTITCHFIELD FESTIVAL THEATRE'S REPORT
    • Kevin Fraser stated that it was a great pleasure and a wonderful opportunity to have the Shed on site. He was very happy how FMS has integrated and worked with other volunteers and theatre staff in the development of the site. He gave some examples of the help he received i.e. putting up walls, laying carpet, setting up the pipe Organ and general help with theatre production sets.
    • He stated that he sees the members as his friends and hopes that the relationship continues to grow. Kevin informed the meeting of some key improvements in the pipe-line which are: new and improved toilet facilities and much improved frontage of the building. He thanked the members for being true gentlemen and is looking forward to FMS’s continued support.
  5. Treasurer's ReportTREASURER'S REPORT:
    • Chris produced a detailed accounts sheet which was circulated to all members present. He went on to explain the major entries on monies received and expenses incurred during the year. He was very pleased with the positive responses he received from applications on applying for grants/donations.
    • He also stated that a contribution from members of £1 per week for teas and coffees was also an important source of income and reminded members to ensure this donation continued with regularity. He went on to say that, given the average attendance per week last year, these funds were down by £200.
    • On membership, he reported that we had 34 members with 3 to 4 people waiting to join. He hoped that by the end of the year there would be 55 paid up members. He also stated the need to encourage more retired men to join the Shed so that they have somewhere to meet, socialise and pass on their skills and could also help to combat loneliness.
    • Chris also advised the meeting that due to increases in the rent and insurance, he recommended an increase to the annual subscriptions to cover the bulk of these costs. He went on to explain that these expenses could not be covered from grants/donations as these are only and granted for specific tools/project improvements.

    • A vote of thanks to Chris was suggested from the floor for an excellent detailed report and explanation.
    • Rule 2.ix - Adding the Safeguarding statement to our Rules. Paul O’Biern suggested a minor change to the wording.
    • This was accepted. Voting to accept was 24-0

    • Rule 3.i - Add the following "Members and prospective members must be able to take care of themselves whilst on the SHED’s premises".
    • This was accepted. Voting to accept was 24-0

    • Rule 4.iv - Proposal to increase Membership Fees with immediate effect to £50
    • Proposer-R McFarland,Seconder- Mick Foster
    • There were 3 counter proposals
      1. The Membership Fee shall be £50 for members joining between January and August. Members joining on/after September 1st pay £5 per complete month.
      2. Proposer - Chris Hodgson, Seconder - Rod Parker
      3. The Membership Fee shall be £50 for members joining in January or February. Members joining on/after March 1st pay £5 per complete month.
      4. Proposer - Gordon Henniker, Seconder - Peter Keepence
      5. The Membership Fee shall be £50 for members joining in January or February, Members joining on/after March 1st pay £5 per complete month, plus a change to rule to 4.vi to include…. In case of hardship the subscription may be REDUCED or waived at the discretion of the committee.
      6. Proposer - Chris Nixon, Seconder - Gordon Henniker
    • Counter Proposal 3 was voted on - Result 17 in favour 7 against. As the majority voted for this proposal, Counter proposals 1 & 2 were not voted on.

    • Rule 4.vii Amend Prospective members grace period to ‘two visits’.
    • This was accepted. Voting to accept was 24-0.
    • Rule 20.i Remove from rules Fareham Men’s Shed ‘Will be insured against personal injury’
    • This was accepted. Voting to accept 23-1 in favour
  7. ELECTION OF OFFICERS: - Below are the results of the election

  8. Position Nomination Proposer Seconder Votes/Result
    Chairman Chairman Peter Raven Neville Wheeler Mick Foster 24/Elected
    Vice Chairman Vice Chairman Mick Foster Peter Raven Chris Hodgson 24/Elected
    Secretary Secretary Milton Hewins Chris Nixon Chris Hodgson 24/Elected
    Treasurer Treasurer Chris Hodgson Rod Parker Peter Raven 24/Elected
    Membership Secretary Membership Secretary Neville Wheeler Peter Raven Mick Foster 24/Elected
    Health & Safety Officer Health & Safety Officer John Wathen Peter Raven Neville Wheeler 24/Elected
    Craft Centre Officer Craft Centre Officer Rod Parker Chris Hodgson Peter Raven 24/Elected
    IT Officer IT Officer Chris Nixon Chris Hodgson Milton Hewins 24/Elected
    Sales Officer Sales Officer Richard Bunce Chris Nixon Chris Hodgson 24/Elected
    Social Secretary   Vacant      
    Deputy Craft Centre Officer   Vacant      

    The two vacant offices of Deputy Craft Centre Officer and Social Secretary. As no nominations were received it was decided that the committee will jointly cover these positions.

    A vote of thanks was recorded for Bob McFarland, the previous Crafts Centre Officer, for all the hard work and dedication that he put in to get the work shop functioning in a safe and efficient manner.

  9. ANY OTHER BUSINESS: An opportunity was provided for our Guests Cllr. Sean Woodward and Sharon Noble from ASDA to say a few words.

    Sharon Noble's CommentsSHARON NOBLE'S (ASDA) COMMENTS:

    Congratulated the Shed on its facilities and was very complimentary on the platform we provide for retired men to meet, learn and socialise. She stated that it was a much needed place for men to attend to combat loneliness. Sharon also stated that there were other ways ASDA are able to help, including donating raffle prizes and allowing FMS a stand outside the store to raise awareness. Once we receive CIO status ASDA could also allow FMS to collect bucket donations from customers from outside their stores.

    Cllr. Woodward's CommentsCLLR. WOODWARD'S (FBC) COMMENTS:

    Thanked us for the invitation to attend the AGM. He was very impressed with the treasurer’s report and stated it was very informative. He advised that funds are available from other councillors, but we should apply quickly as the closing date is 28/02/18. He also informed us of another grant scheme that we may qualify for - The Fareham Community Grant Scheme which can be applied for on-line or we can contact him directly should we need further help with our application.

    Séan wished us every success with our endeavours to obtain CIO status, he also reminded us that with the status came further responsibilities but also added there were many benefits to be gained by FMS when charitable status is granted.

    The Chairman, Peter Raven closed the meeting by thanking officers who were standing down and also thanked those who were standing again.

Nearly all of the committee
One of these days we really will be able to get a picture of ALL of the committee together

Download the 2017 AGM minutes here

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