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Last updated 11-06-2018

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The Belles of the hall

Ladies of the W.I.

Crofton Belles Women's Institute asked us to give them a short presentation on what the Shed actually did. Rod and Chris N managed to get lumbered for it and it was quite a daunting experience standing in front of 45 ladies and trying to explain that the closest analogy that we had found so far was that the Shed was the Men's equivalent of the W.I.

Standing in front of them all, knees acquiver, Chris made his pitch. The ladies seemed to enjoy the talk and slide show (run using a Raspberry Pi, what a clever little box of tricks that is), no eggs or rotten fruit was thrown and all-in-all it was an extremely edifying if somewhat trepaditious experience. We left the chairwoman with one of Oliver's football rattles as they did seem to take an effort to control at times and when it was swung everything suddenly went quiet

Thank you ladies for your attention and I hope that the talk was of use to you - the cake was delicious.

Suella's Senior Citizen's Fair (2 images)

Our local MP, Suella Braverman, held her annual Senior Citizen's Fair at the Genesis Centre in Locks Heath Centre on 17-05-2019. We attended along with numerous other organisations that concern themselves with the health and wellbeing of us older residents. Previous years have seen it held at Ferneham Hall and the College. The venue this year was somewhat smaller but very well attended. Chris H., Chris N., Milton, Rod and Gordon manned the stand. Unfortunately the room wasn't big enough to get a good picture and I can't afford a wide angle lens at the moment but really Gordon it wasn't that scary.

For the first time we took the 3D printer which drew a great deal of attention, so much so in fact, that it will have to become a permanent feature at show like this where we can have power available. Unfortunately Rocky took a slight tumble and broke his leg but after a quick visit to the glue gun he was as good as new.

Adult Education

St.Vincent's College in Gosport run various educational courses that might prove of interest to members. There are courses from Fist Aid to Forensics and Psychology at the main college and at the Clocktower annex from politics to Makaton.

1 Community Fareham Discovery Fair 06-03-2019 (2 images)

Some of the Shed members spent a very pleasant few hours in the Precinct. There was much interest shown in the Shed and we made a few bob selling our wares, in fact somebody has asked for more light pulls. The staff in the 1Community shop have agreed to take orders for bird boxes and the like, so with Moonstones Florists in Fareham Park Road, we now have two retail outlets.
It was nice to meet with old friends like Sharon who used to be our contact at Asda and Hayley from 1Community is always good for a laugh. Also investigation is being undertaken by FBC to see if there is anywhere that spoiled items made from polylactic acid (PLA) material used in the 3D printer can be recycled. Out of interest if you have any queries about re-cycling in Fareham a very useful contact could be Barbara Cowie, once again a very pleasant young lady who knows her stuff.

Dunking biscuits

At last, somebody has found a REALLY useful function for that big blue machine in the corner. How to make a biscuit fit a cup Click the picture to have a little chuckle at this one but watch it for at least the first 30 seconds before you give up.

Our solution has found a problem

I always said that our 3D printer was a solution to a problem that we didn't have. Well the other week we found the first two problems - Bob wanted a couple of adaptors for the exhaust systems on a fixed and portable belt sander. Our dust collector wouldn't fit directly so these were designed and printed and they work superbly.

Then Tony said "one of my kitchen appliances has a broken doo-hickey, can you print another one for me?" And Oliver wanted some train wheels for a model that he is making. Voila. Faux fans for Geoff's model engines, no problem and the last one in this group (for now) a control knob for a mortable plane, that turned a piece of junk into an extremely useful piece of equipment, (7 images)

Simple reducer, hand belt sander and fixed belt sander Simple reducer, hand belt sander and fixed belt sander Tony's doo-hickey Oliver's train wheel Geoff's engine fan Knob for mobile plane Mobile plane with knob in place

So it looks as if it could well become a very useful piece of kit.


I wondered why John was polishing a pair of old blowlamps - then he gave me this picture and I thought 'what a good idea for old, unloved tools'. I just hope that he made sure that they were empty before he mounted them but you must admit that they really do look good. blowtorch bookends

Stubbington Fayre 2018

Thanks to Oliver, Shedric's long lost cousin was discovered in the undergrowth at the back of the Theatre. He is making a brief visit and was hoping to find a forever home in this country (his paperwork is in order) by showing himslef off at Stubbington Fayre this year. Unfortunately he has since returned to his shelter in the Theatre but he is still hoping.

Alan P also created some wonderful wooden light pulls for sale. They are pictured here along with a few other bits and bobs.

The weather was absolutely perfect on the day and the whole thing proved of interest to a number of people and was also very profitable to the Shed.

Shedric and Oliver's new creationAlan's bobbins

Alpine Drums

At last, a real use for all of those old toolboxes that we keep seeing. I wonder how many fingers and thumbs got trapped in the making of this video?

Do they have Men's Sheds in Germany and does anybody fancy starting up our own drum corps?


We have received correspondence from the UK Men's Shed Association to the following effect:

Our membership currently entitles us to a 49% discount on hand tools and a 29% discount on power tools from Triton Tools - We will need to set up a Shed account with them before this can be used, once we have done this then members will be able to order through us.

10% off of all items through Lumberjack Tools (same system as Triton Tools).


5% off all orders in excess of £200 with Shedstore. Just use the discount code of MENSSHEDS.

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