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Last updated 10-02-2018

We must be on a horsey theme

After repairs to the Lion's horses Thomo was spotted in the stables working on not one, not two but three rocking horses. The first picture to be captured was when he started to glue the rlevant pieces together.

I shall try and keep an eye on him and bring regular updates as it is quite a project that he has embarked on.

Ready for the off

Fareham Lions were having a problem at their stables, the horses kept going lame and we were asked if we had any veterinarians that could look at the problem.
We transported the thoroughbreds to the surgery and found that the way that the hooves (wheels) had been fitted was causing the problem - somebody needs to speak with their farrier. We modified the way that the wheels were fitted and gave them a slight touch up.
Now they are all straining at the bit for their next outing.

Dunking biscuits

At last, somebody has found a REALLY useful function for that big blue machine in the corner. How to make a biscuit fit a cup Click the picture to have a little chuckle at this one but watch it for at least the first 30 seconds before you give up.

Our solution has found a problem

I always said that our 3D printer was a solution to a problem that we didn't have. Well the other week we found the first two problems - Bob wanted a couple of adaptors for the exhaust systems on a fixed and portable belt sander. Our dust collector wouldn't fit directly so these were designed and printed and they work superbly.

Then Tony said "one of my kitchen appliances has a broken doo-hickey, can you print another one for me?" And Oliver wanted some train wheels for a model that he is making. Voila. Faux fans for Geoff's model engines, no problem and the last one in this group (for now) a control knob for a mortable plane, that turned a piece of junk into an extremely useful piece of equipment, (7 images)

Simple reducer, hand belt sander and fixed belt sander Simple reducer, hand belt sander and fixed belt sander Tony's doo-hickey Oliver's train wheel Geoff's engine fan Knob for mobile plane Mobile plane with knob in place

So it looks as if it could well become a very useful piece of kit.

Confusing Father Christmas

Asda asked us if it would be possible to make them a fireplace for the store (presumably so that Santa could find his way in). A rough (very rough) design was produced and passed to the craftsmen in the workshop who within a few days had developed this fantastic creation. Sorry Santa, Asda have enough presents so don't get confused with this fireplace.

I have already had enquiries for two more so maybe it could be a new line for the Shed.

Under construction Ready for delivery Decorated in store
Fireplace under construction Finished, awaiting delivery Delivered and decorated


I wondered why John was polishing a pair of old blowlamps - then he gave me this picture and I thought 'what a good idea for old, unloved tools'. I just hope that he made sure that they were empty before he mounted them but you must admit that they really do look good. blowtorch bookends

The Black Lotus

It sounds almost like a new crime novel but apparently daffodil and tulip garden ornaments are easily found but an 88 year old lady in Portchester wanted a lotus flower to finish off the little Budha corner in her garden and she couldn't find one anywhere, so she contacted us.

Step up Oliver and Bob - A template was drawn up and Oliver brought his plinky-plonk expertise into play. Bob turned up a middle bit (can't think what that bit of a flower is called) and Chris H delivered it.

It was received with delight, a very generous donation to our funds, and a subsequent wish for a small bookshelf to fit into a specific recess in the living room wall.

Chris L very kindly obliged and once again we had a delighted lady who was very happy with the end results. To finish the saga the 3 Chris's (sounds like a music hall turn) turned up to deliver the shelf and to take some pictures.

Budha's corner The black lotus The book shelf

Stubbington Fayre

Thanks to Oliver, Shedric's long lost cousin was discovered in the undergrowth at the back of the Theatre. He is making a brief visit and was hoping to find a forever home in this country (his paperwork is in order) by showing himslef off at Stubbington Fayre this year. Unfortunately he has since returned to his shelter in the Theatre but he is still hoping.

Alan P also created some wonderful wooden light pulls for sale. They are pictured here along with a few other bits and bobs.

The weather was absolutely perfect on the day and the whole thing proved of interest to a number of people and was also very profitable to the Shed.

Shedric and Oliver's new creationAlan's bobbins

At last, a real use for all of those old toolboxes that we keep seeing. I wonder how many fingers and thumbs got trapped in the making of this video?

Do they have Men's Sheds in Germany and does anybody fancy starting up our own drum corps?


We have received correspondence from the UK Men's Shed Association to the following effect:

Our membership currently entitles us to a 49% discount on hand tools and a 29% discount on power tools from Triton Tools - We will need to set up a Shed account with them before this can be used, once we have done this then members will be able to order through us.

10% off of all items through Lumberjack Tools (same system as Triton Tools).


5% off all orders in excess of £200 with Shedstore. Just use the discount code of MENSSHEDS.

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