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    Last updated 26-02-2020

    Download the Shed rules here

    Fareham Men's Shed Rules

    The following rules are designed to enable FMS to conduct its day to day business and all members are expected to accept when renewing/joining FMS.

    1. Title:
      1. The name of the charity shall be The Fareham Men's Shed, herein referred to as FMS
    2. The aims and purposes of FMS
      1. FMS is a craft and social centre mainly for retired people, organised and run by its members for the benefit of all.
      2. The aims of FMS are to help its members maintain their health and well-being make new friends and enjoy working on a range of projects. FMS will also assist the community of Fareham in practical ways whenever possible.
      3. FMS will be managed by its elected standing Board of Trustees in a democratic, good-humoured and open way, as set out by the constitution and this set of rules.
      4. These rules will be managed and amended as necessary by the standing Board of Trustees.
      5. FMS will aim to be available to members at least two days a week between 10 am and 3 pm. It may also be open at other times at the discretion of the standing Board of Trustees.
      6. The assets and equipment of FMS will be owned by the charity.
      7. The work done by FMS members may be individual tasks, projects and hobbies, or can be collective projects done as a team.
      8. Members with particular skills will be encouraged to pass them on to others.
      9. FMS are committed to ensuring the wellbeing of Members, including vulnerable adults, who participate in Fareham Men’s Shed activities. We will take every practical step to minimise the risk of harm, paying particular attention to the needs of those who are most vulnerable. We are also committed to supporting fully our Members, including protecting them from potential liabilities and false suspicions and allegations of abuse.

      10. Fareham Men’s Shed welcomes vulnerable adults to join in the Sheds activities as long as the activities or facilities are suitable. We are committed to equal opportunities and aim to treat everyone with dignity and respect.
        Fareham Men’s Shed however, do not expect to provide specialist care and support for people who have special needs or who are unable to care independently for themselves.

    3. Membership
      1. Membership of FMS is generally open to all interested persons particularly men over the age of 55. Members and prospective members must be able to take care of themselves whilst on the SHED’s premises.
      2. Application for membership must be sent to the membership secretary on the membership agreement FMS form.
      3. The standing Board of Trustees reserve the right to refuse membership.
      4. The membership agreement shall be logged and kept as a record of an agreement between the member and FMS until the member informs the FMS that they no longer wish to be a member (See: 19 Privacy Policy)
      5. Member's details will be held on the club register in both analogue and digital format, (See 19 Privacy Policy).
      6. The membership secretary is required to report to the standing Board of Trustees the current state of the membership and whether any new joiners need assistance, guidance or special needs.
      7. Members are requested to confirm/update personal details (or when personal details change) and renew their subscriptions during March, when renewal forms will be available.
      8. The Social secretary will account for the Club Regalia and issue and order replacements as required.
    4. Subscriptions
      1. New and existing members of FMS will be required to pay a membership fee which becomes due on 1st March each year.
      2. A month’s grace will be allowed for existing members to renew (but see paras 3.6 and 4.8) and will come into force for those not renewed (at the discretion of the standing Board of Trustees).
      3. The membership annual subscription will be recommended by the standing Board of Trustees and will be ratified by majority vote at the AGM.
      4. If the membership fee is not changed at the AGM then it shall remain as the previous year for new or returning members. Members joining after April 30th will be required to pay 1/10th of the full annual fee for each remaining calendar month or part thereof to the following March.
      5. Only fully paid up members may take part in events of the FMS although guests may be invited to open events.
      6. The subscription may be paid in 2 instalments of 50% over 2 months as agreed by the Treasurer. Under special circumstances the subscription may be waived or reduced at the discretion of the Standing Board of Trustees.
      7. Prospective members, as guests,(but not a previous member who previously lapsed) may have two free visits before being required to pay the subscription in order to determine whether FMS is suitable for their needs.
      8. At the discretion of the membership secretary, members whose subscriptions have lapsed for more than 2 months will cease to be entitled to membership benefits until subscriptions are fully paid.
    5. Liability
      1. All members are responsible for Health and Safety and shall take all reasonable care whilst partaking of any activity organised by or involving the FMS.
      2. FMS will maintain a third party insurance policy.
    6. Accounts
      1. A Bank Account shall be operated in the name of The Fareham Men’s Shed. All cheques require the signature of the Treasurer and one of three nominated people. In very exceptional circumstances in the absence of the Treasurer, a cheque may be signed by any two of the following nominated persons: Chairman, Secretary and Membership Secretary.
      2. The Treasurer is authorised to pay invoices by BACS.
      3. The Treasurer is authorised to allocate cash up to a maximum of £100 to the craft centre manager and to leaders of specific projects. Project leaders must keep detailed records of expenditure which must be reported to the Treasurer monthly.
      4. FMS's financial year shall end on the 31st December each year.
      5. Accounts of FMS shall be certified by two members of FMS nominated by the standing Board of Trustees.
      6. The Treasurer is responsible for the maintenance of accounts and their submission at each meeting of the Standing Board of Trustees or General meeting of FMS.
      7. Members shall have the right to inspect the accounts by request in writing to the Treasurer.
      8. FMS may invest surplus funds, but the choice of investment is to be made by the standing Board of Trustees.
      9. If required a mileage allowance for Fareham Shed business is 20p per mile, with prior approval of 2 standing Board of Trustees member.
    7. AGM
      1. An Annual General Meeting shall be held in February each year. The date of the AGM will be posted on FMS notice board at least one calendar month before the due date.
      2. Fourteen days notice in writing/email with attached agenda shall be issued to all members prior to the AGM. Posting/email to last address shall suffice as giving due notice.
      3. The Treasurer shall make available copies of accounts for inspection at the meeting.
      4. Ten members, including members of the standing Board of Trustees shall form a quorum.
      5. Items intended for inclusion on the agenda at the AGM should be submitted in writing to the Secretary, together with names of proposer and seconder, not less than twenty one days prior to the date of the AGM.
    8. EGM
      1. The standing Board of Trustees shall be bound to call an Extraordinary General Meeting if requested to do so; it will require at least ten members to put their request in writing to the standing Board of Trustees.
      2. The notice shall specify the nature of the business; fourteen days notice shall be given to all members of the date of the meeting.
      3. Ten members, including members of the standing Board of Trustees shall form a quorum.
    9. Voting
      1. All members whose subscriptions are not in arrears shall be entitled to a vote at all General Meetings.
      2. A two-thirds majority of those attending an AGM will be necessary to carry out a resolution, to alter, add to or delete from the constitution or rules of FMS. A simple majority will be required for all other propositions.
      3. Any proposed change to the constitution will be subject to the approval of the Charity Commission
    10. Minutes
      1. Minutes of each Standing Board of Trustees, Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting shall be taken by the Secretary or a standing Board of Trustees member and copies posted on the club notice board, and copied to all members of the standing Board of Trustees.
    11. President
      1. FMS may invite a suitable person to act as President.
      2. The initial period of office shall be three years, which may be extended at the discretion of FMS.
      3. FMS may similarly invite a suitably interested person to act as Vice President.
    12. Standing Board of Trustees
      1. The affairs of FMS shall be managed by the standing Board of Trustees.
      2. The standing Board of Trustees will appoint a chairman, vice chairman, a secretary, a treasurer, membership secretary, social secretary, craft centre officer and Health and Safety representative. Other members may be co-opted as necessary.
      3. One third of the standing Board of Trustees members shall stand down at the Annual General Meeting.
    13. Nominations for Elections
      1. All paid up members are eligible for election to the standing Board of Trustees.
      2. Nominations for election shall be proposed and seconded by paid up members, with the agreement of the nominee and handed to the secretary at least 7 days before the AGM
    14. Events
      1. The standing Board of Trustees shall appoint a member to organise events, and he shall be responsible to the Treasurer for the finance of the event. A budget will be set by the standing Board of Trustees before the event.
      2. The accounts for each event shall be submitted to the Treasurer within two weeks of the event.
    15. Guests
      1. Members may include guests in any of their activities, but such guests shall be bound by the constitution of the FMS. In this respect it shall be deemed that members shall draw their guest's attention to paragraph 5 of these rules.
    16. Expulsion of Members
      1. The standing Board of Trustees shall have the power to expel or suspend any member, who in their opinion is guilty of violating FMS's Constitution or Rules, or of conduct prejudicial to the best interests of FMS.
      2. Any member against whom such action is taken shall have the right to appeal at the next Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting convened for that purpose by the standing Board of Trustees.
    17. Equipment
      1. The FMS may acquire and maintain equipment necessary for the use at meetings, events and activities.
      2. A register of assets is to be maintained by the Craft Centre Manager.
      3. No item of equipment belonging to the FMS shall be disposed of without the approval of the craft centre manager.
    18. Winding Up
      1. If resolved at the Annual or Extraordinary General Meeting that the FMS shall be disbanded. The procedure shall be as stated at par 29 of the constitution.
    19. Privacy Policy
      1. FMS respects member’s right to privacy and any personal information collected will be stored on the FMS registration details. FMS will make every reasonable effort to keep all information collected secure.
      2. The type of information collected by the FMS on its membership forms generally include, members name, address, telephone numbers and other contact details, along with skills information.
      3. No personal information will be passed on to third parties, unless FMS has the consent of the member involved.
      4. Members' details will be removed from FMS records if annual renewal is not made.
      5. Any photographs to be used by FMS for non-club purposes must have permission of all in the photograph.
    20. Health & Safety
      1. FMS has adopted a Health and Safety policy and will take every reasonable precaution to ensure that members and visitors are safe. No alcohol, non-medicinal drugs, illegal substances or smoking, including E-cigarettes are permitted in the Shed.

    This set of rules was adopted in by the standing Board of Trustees on 21st May 2018.

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