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Last updated 01-08-2020


It is regretted that The Fareham Men's Shed must decline requests for assistance from the general public. This is because shed members would not be insured when working outside of the shed environs, and any coverage for accidents both to shed members and a third party would be nullified.

Every Wednesday at 11:00 - General Zoom meeting followed at 11:45 by the FMS Quiz - Hosted by our very own Tony. No prizes, just kudos and a chuckle.
Supply your own tea, coffee and custard creams.

Online Zoom meeting and quiz - click here to join

Meeting ID: 979 458 9648
Passcode: 937250

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St. George's Day Quiz!

And the next UKMSA quiz will be held on the 23rd April. Will the team win again? Details below.


St. Patrick's Day Quiz Great Big Crayoning Quiz St. George's Day Quiz

UKMSA St George's Day Quiz

Do you know your red roses from white roses? Crème Anglaise from your Custard? Join us for the Great Big Saint George’s Day Shed Quiz. Friday 23rd April 2021 – Zoom Room opens at 1830, quiz starts at 1900 To Join them use the link below or visit our website.
Zoom Link: here
Meeting ID: 943 2296 0110
Passcode: 434916

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UKMSA Great Crayoning Quiz

Chris Hodgson, Peter Raven, Rod Parker, Norman Hart and I represented FAREHAM Men’s Shed in the Great Big Crayoning Zoom Quiz to celebrate National Crayoning Day. 4 rounds of questions on Crayons, Missing Links, World Capitals and Sports resulted in a win for Fareham and £100 of vouchers to spend at Axminster Tools. There were about 20 entrants altogether so it was a worthwhile evening and very enjoyable.

Tony Crane (FMS quizmaster)

So that is £250 of Axminster Tools vouchers that these guys have won. At this rate we will have a shed full of new tools when we restart - keep up the good work lads.

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UKMSA St Patrick's Day Quiz


The UK Men's Shed Association held a St Patrick's Day Quiz on the 17th March. It was open to all registered sheds and free to enter. The quiz was kindly sponsored by Axminster Tools in the form of tool vouchers.

Fareham Men's Shed was well represented by Richard Bunce, Rod Parker, Peter Raven, Chris Hodgson and following on from his success in the St David's day quiz, our own Tony Crane at which he came a creditable 3rd and won a £50 Axminster Tools voucher for use by the Shed

The quiz had over 40 entrants and was a light hearted and amusing evening run by Pete Anderson. There were 4 rounds, all picture questions with a maximum score of 42. Tony once again showed his ability at not just hosting and running a quiz, but also as a keen contestant and moved up the list to finish in a clear 2nd place and win a £75 voucher, well done Tony!

To give everyone a chance to win a prize we all had to guess the time that Pete the quizmaster finished putting the quiz together on the night before. We were told it was between 9.00pm and 11.00pm. One by one we were asked to give a time and the closest would win. The actual time was 10.56pm One guess was 10.59 and I guessed 10.53pm so the prize was shared and FMS won another £25 making a total of £100 for the evening!

The next quiz is scheduled for Wednesday 31st March at 7.00pm. So keep posted on here to get the zoom link. Hope to see you and your better half there!

Chris H

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FMS Woodturners Zooming

Example of work, mushroom and mouse

A small group of members recently formed the "Wood Turners Cabal" - a Thursday morning Zoom session from 11 a.m. using the same login details as the Wednesday Zoom meetings. The aim is simply for a few like-minded members to chat mainly about woodturning and related topics. Last Thursday was the second such meeting and we are still settling, in talking about a variety of topics from wood types, fixings, inside out turning (a bit specialised!!), finishes, dust extraction etc.

A couple of members have years of experience, others of us are just starting out but had pieces to show. Three of us ‘newbies’ came into wood-turning very recently following ‘wood-turning intro’ classes led by Bob M way back in 2019. Alan and Barry are ‘old hands’ with a fair bit of experience to impart to us.

Due to the Covid Lockdowns there has been virtually no chance to use the two shed lathes. I bought a second hand Axminster Hobby lathe and some tools. It’s a start! (I already want a better one!).

We hope to be more focused in future meetings, perhaps concentrating on various topics – some examples could be:

We also intend to show what we’ve made – I’ll show you mine if you show me yours! Perhaps have guest speakers too!?

We have agreed to endeavour to make things to sell at fêtes and shows once restrictions are lifted and we can get back to some normality! Projects to be discussed.

If anybody would like to join us just watch this space or simply log into one of the Thursday Zooms!

See you then.

Cliff Jones

Well done guys for starting something new. We are going to need some new gear, hopefully Stubbington Fayre will be on again this year and that has always been very popular and profitable. There's the chance of getting some other groups going along the same lines, how about a photography, book readers, macrame group or something similar?

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