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  • 2020 AGM
  • Apologies
  • Guests
  • Previous minutes
  • Matter arising
  • Chairman's report
  • Workshop Activities
  • Health & Safety
  • Membership
  • Activities
  • Sales
  • Raising awareness
  • Treasurer's report
  • TFT update
  • Supporting charities
  • Election of trustees
  • AOB
  • Meeting close
  • Previous minutes
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    Last updated 26-02-2020

    2020 AGM Minutes

    Minutes of the 4th Annual General Meeting of Fareham Men’s Shed (FMS)

    Held on 10th February 2020 at the Titchfield Festival Theatre (TFT)
    Persons attending: Ajith Tudugalle, Barry Groce, Bill Kinch, Brian Pike, Chris Hodgson, Chris Lane, Chris Nixon, Cliff Jones, Colin Babb, Colin Mansbridge, Dave Hawkins, Dave Jarman, Eric Collins, Frank Wood, Geoff Colverson, Gordon Henniker, Graham Bell, Jack Langford, John Wathen, Keith Curtis, Ken Stretton, Malcolm McInnes, Mick Foster, Mike Martin, Milton Hewins, Neville Wheeler, Norman Hart, Oliver Betton, Paul Jackson, Pete Keepence, Peter Raven, Richard Bunce, Rod Parker, Terry Moore, Dave Thompson & Tony Crane

    1. Apologies:
      1. John White & Julian Shaw
    2. Guests:
      1. Kevin Fraser (TFT), Jenny Romicheva (Community 1st) & Greg Ermise (Potential member).
    3. Previous minutes:
      1. The minutes of last year’s AGM (2018) were approved and accepted.
        Proposer - Chris Nixon, seconder - Mick Foster
    4. Matters arising:
      1. Chris Hodgson reported a couple of corrections
      2. ‘Screwfix Live’ exhibition was held in Farnborough not in Southampton as reported in the minutes
      3. Rule change - Move the annual subscriptions due date to ‘1st March’. This is corrected from the minutes which stated ‘after the AGM date’.
    5. Chairman’s report:
      1. The meeting was opened by the chairman who welcomed all those present. The chairman delivered his report and focused on the following areas:- Workshop Activities, H & S policy, Membership, Social Events& Shed Awareness
      1. Workshop Activities:
        1. The chairman reported the workshop has been busy all year under the very capable leadership of Mick Foster.
        2. FMS has gained a bit of a name for itself with schools in the local area having built or repaired a number of installations, namely: mud kitchens, log stores, storage units for cushions; wellington boots racks; garden fences; climbing frames etc. Word is getting around and more enquiries are coming in for similar builds. We have been busy elsewhere too with swift boxes made and supplied to Titchfield in Bloom, the repair and renovation of memorial public seating and other projects.
        3. Our in-house production continued with making all sorts of interesting items to sell at the summer fairs and other events to raise funds for the Shed.
        4. Thanks to all involved for their time and ingenuity.
        5. Special thanks to Oliver for his tireless work in making the instrument called Kalimbas (locally named the plinky plonks) and wooden football rattles.The Kalimbas are used to support autism both locally and further afield.
        6. We recently found another use for the rattle, used at the Southern Area Mens Shed Network gathering to call the meeting to order !!
        7. Special thanks too to Rod and his small team of strippers, who regularly break defunct items down to retrieve scrap and then selling on to obtain funds for the Shed.
        8. Garage clearances took place on a regular basis.
        9. Thank you to those who have devoted their time and transport to collect,sort and prepare items for re-sale.
        10. Chris Nixon and many members continue to make good use of the the 3-D printer, to make parts for the workshop and their hobbies. It’s proving to be a very useful solution to a problem we didn’t know we had !!
      2. Health & safety:
        1. H & S remains one of the key areas for FMS.
        2. A copy of our H & S policy is on display in the Shed.
        3. A reminder that anyone who wishes to work in the shop alone needs to have signed the disclaimer
        4. John Wathen has introduced a PAT testing and registration regime for our workshop equipment which is kept up to date.
        5. Hampshire fire and rescue have inspected our premises and their suggestions for improvement have been acted upon. Following their advice we will also be holding regular fire drills.
        6. Regular clean-ups were organised for general maintenance of the workshop and machinery. Thank you to all those members who have taken on the task over the last 12 months.
      3. Membership:
        1. Membership currently stands at 61 with a waiting list of 8.
        2. We currently have a cap on membership, which we hope will be temporary.The reason for the cap is over-crowding in the the limited space in the workshop. Simply put, there are days when the number of people active or watching in the workshop is pushing the boundaries of safety. Until we, as a group, can sort out some mutually agreeable way of limiting the numbers at any one time, we cannot increase our membership. We do not want to do this by rules and regulations if we can help it. It is much better to find a solution by co-operation between ourselves as to when in-house activities and or personal projects, are carried out to spread the load.
      4. Activities:
        1. Tony Crane is back in the saddle and has organised a series of social trips which have been enjoyed by both members and family. The trip to Fontwell Races was reported as extremely enjoyable and profitable with many members returning home winners.Tony is always looking for least 16 people to attend so we can get group discounts and even arrange for a minibus or coach.
        2. At the recent Southern Area Network meeting hosted by FMS, Tony extended the invitation to social events to other Sheds to build up the numbers and promote fellowship within the area.
        3. Chris Hodgson organised a very sucessful and well supported Macmillan coffee morning this year. Our thanks to Kevin (TFT) for the loan of the Great Barn for this event.
        4. The Christmas Bash at Fareham Snooker Club was very well attended and we could have fed several Sheds with the spread of food that was contributed by the members.
        5. Training for members on the workshop machinery continues and remains a condition for using the machines. Members cannot use machines without being trained and signed off by the trainer.
        6. There is an upcoming course on iPads organised by Chris Nixon as well as a basic course on design for the 3-D printer. If anyone is interested speak to Chris.
      5. Sales:
        1. Items obtained by donations and garage clearances which are surplus to our requirements are sold to members or on e-Bay. Our thanks to Richard Bunce and Colin Babb for their time and effort over the last 12 months in handling and organising the process of external sales and collections.
      6. Raising Shed awareness:
        1. FMS had a very successful Wallington Fete and Stubbington Fayre with glorious Summer sun. It was especially good to see so many members turn up and help on the stand.
        2. The 1 Community showcase at Ferneham Hall, again a good position by the doors which generated plenty of interest.
        3. FMS attended the Titchfield Community Association awards evening, where we received an award for the swift boxes.
        4. HSBC pop-up stands in Fareham promoted interest in the Shed and we achieved good sales.
        5. Recently, we had a visit from Hampshire County Councillor Peter Latham. It was his first time at the Shed and he was visibly impressed with the facilities we have built.Peter was very complimentary on the amount of work FMS carries out in the community and with the social support aspects of our Shed.
        6. We hosted the Southern Area Men’s Shed Network meeting last week. Many thanks to Kevin (TFT), for the use of theatre facilities. Thanks too, to members who contributed food, gave presentations, helped serve tea and coffee or just showed guests around. It was much appreciated by the other Shedders who attended. It showcased our Shed to the wider Shed community and we fielded a lot of questions on how we formed and how we operate. The network meetings are a great forum for raising questions and gathering information from a wide range of Shedders.
        7. We now have an active Facebook page as well as a website thanks to Chris Nixon. Please take the opportunity to visit and to share,comment or post.
        8. A request from Chris Nixon:If you are involved in any ‘Shed’ project, please send a short note to Chris describing the project with either photographs and or video clips.This will be posted on our media forums to promote the Shed and raise awareness of who we are, and what we are about. Any questions about format please contact Chris.
    6. Treasurer’s report:
      1. Chris produced a detailed accounts sheet (see appendix a) which was circulated to all members present. He went on to explain the major entries on monies received and expenses incurred during the year. He thanked Brian Pike and Colin Mansfield for auditing the books. They both did a thorough job resulting in finding two minor errors which was corrected immediately.
      2. E-bay sales were down in 2019, as we had less items to sell. Never the less income received from refurbished and surplus items are still a valuable source of income. Items produced in-house and sold at fayres, community events and pop up stands were up compared to the previous year.
      3. Rod Parker and his team were also thanked for recovering scrap and selling on to bring in income.
      4. Chris reported, the biggest disappointment is that he is still processing the ‘Gift Aid’ rebate from HMRC, as the process is proving more difficult and time consuming than expected.
      5. The Shed’s charity events- the MacMillan Coffee morning was held at the Great Barn and raised just under the target of a £1000.Members were encouraged to enter a cake baking competition, which proved competitive and fun.It was a fantastic event and well supported by members, family and friends.
      6. This year the ‘Shed’ supported a local charity at Christmas and contributed £100 to a local church, organising Christmas hampers and school Holiday lunch fund for less well off families in the local area.
      7. Fund raising: Chris reminded members that fund raising is not just one person’s job and encouraged members to look out for schemes in supermarkets, local businesses, newspapers and companies members might know of, or used to work for.
      8. Members voted to accept the finance report for 2019.
      9. Geoff Colverson proposed it and seconded by Gordon Henniker . All members were in favour of accepting the report
    7. Update on the future plans of the Titchfield Festival Theatre by Kevin Fraser (TFT):
      1. Kevin reported,another year has passed, and progress on the expansion of the theatre has been painfully slow. It is still the plan to purchase next door and re-locate the ‘Shed’ within the premises. Parking continues to be a problem, however Kevin is hopeful with improvements to the field next to the Theatre he will satisfy the objectors and will be able to secure it for additional parking.
      2. Kevin confirmed he has leased additional space for storing theatre props and in the next few weeks the props will be moved to the new storage premises.
      3. He also said there were changes in the management structure of theTheatre with the emphasis on ensuring conformity to H&S regulations.
      4. He also reported he paid a deposit for purchasing two electric minibuses and stated that the they may be available for use by the ‘Shed’.
      5. Kevin confirmed that discounted tickets are available to members of FMS
    8. Supporting a chosen charity:
      1. The trustees put forward to the membership the idea of supporting a charity on an annual basis. Following discussions from the floor, the following was agreed:
      2. To Support a local charity
      3. November’s Tea & Coffee money to be donated to the charity.
      4. Members will be asked to put forward suggestions for the recipients of the funds.
      5. A vote will be taken at the October monthly briefing to choose the charity tickets are available to members of FMS
    9. Election of trustees:
      1. Under the rules of the CIO, ⅓rd of the number of trustees of the Shed must stand down at the AGM.
      2. Three trustees stood down but only two agreed to stand again and were re-elected (Neville Wheeler did not wish to stand again)

      3. TrusteeProposerSecondedVotes forVotes against
        Tony CraneChris NixonPeter Raven360
        Chris NixonPeter RavenMilton Hewins360

        There were two new Trustees elected

        Frank Wood Peter Raven Rod Parker 36 0
        Barry Groce Chris Lane Milton Hewins 36 0
    10. Any other business:
      1. Jenny from Community First informed the meeting of ‘The Step by Step’ project and requested members to get involved and contact the office for more information.
      2. Jenny also informed the meeting of paid opportunities available for gardening services.
      3. Gordon raised the subject of providing DIY services to the public.It was explained that we do not have insurance to cover such services.There is also added administration of providing proof on members capability,qualifications and DBS clearances when working within private households.
      4. It was agreed that FMS for now will not be providing these services.
      5. Gordon also suggested whether we should consider selling kits of bird and insect boxes, as well as built units.
      6. A vote of thanks from the floor was given to the trustees for managing the Shed’s affairs in 2019
    11. Closing the meeting:
      1. In closing the meeting the chairman thanked the members for their help, support and attendance at the Shed over the last year. He said:”The Shed is only as good as the members make it and I think you should all be very proud of yourselves”

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