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Fareham Men's Shed Menu Projects 2017

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Stubbington Ark (4 images)

We've done the ferret cages, it was debatable whether they were going to let Chris out, but it was felt that he was more useful as a treasurer. At the moment we are waiting to sort out the H&S implications and for the Spring befgore we get on with anything else.

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How to restore a pug-mill - A What? (4 images) The mill originally

November - Our first major tool restoration project - A pugmill (or pug mill is a machine in which clay or other materials are mixed into a plastic state or a similar machine for the trituration of ore). Successfully restored and sold on to help Shed funds.

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The Black Lotus

Budha's corner

It sounds almost like a new crime novel but apparently daffodil and tulip garden ornaments are easily found but an 88 year old lady in Portchester wanted a lotus flower to finish off the little Budha corner in her garden and she couldn't find one anywhere, so she contacted us.

Step up Oliver and Bob - A template was drawn up and Oliver brought his plinky-plonk expertise into play. Bob turned up a middle bit (can't think what that bit of a flower is called) and Chris H delivered it.

It was received with delight, a very generous donation to our funds, and a subsequent wish for a small bookshelf to fit into a specific recess in the living room wall.

Chris L very kindly obliged and once again we had a delighted lady who was very happy with the end results. To finish the saga the 3 Chris's (sounds like a music hall turn) turned up to deliver the shelf and to take some pictures.

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blowtorch bookends

I wondered why John was polishing a pair of old blowlamps - then he gave me this picture and I thought 'what a good idea for old, unloved tools'. I just hope that he made sure that they were empty before he mounted them but you must admit that they really do look good.

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Grand Raffle (9 images)

Dolls House

Some bright spark came up with the idea of building a dolls house from a kit worth about £1000.00 that was donated. I don't think it's quite as easy they thought but they modified the design slightly to give it a bit more strength. I am sure that it will make an excellent prize along with the lunch and high tea and Bob's beautiful burr-oak fruit bowl.

Many thanks to the following organisations and individuals that donated the prizes. In all it was a very successful and reasonably profitable endeavour.

Marriott Hotel, Meon Valley Sainsburys, Broadcut
Moonstones Florist, Fareham Pk Rd Holiday Inn
Tesco, Fareham SJM Wills & Associates
Wickham Vineyard Mr. & Mrs. Jarman
Mrs.P. Parker Mr. M. Stephenson
Mrs. J Brookes Mr. R. McFarland

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On the buses (7 images)

June - Helping to refurbish a bus as a mobile temporary shelter for rough sleepers in Portsmouth.

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