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Fareham Men's Shed Menu 2018 Projects

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Redlands School (11 images)

From this

We were asked to perform some decorating tasks at Redlands School a while ago. The paint came, the weather came and some of the Shed members came to transform some very tired looking benches at Redlands School into a little bit of sunshine - et voilà.

"I was delighted with the refurbishment of the benches and tables at Redlands Primary School. School funding is extremely tight and to have this work completed without charge, has been a tremendous help to us.

No doubt the children will enjoy their lunch time in the quad more, now that the benches and tables are looking so bright and cheerful.

Please especially pass on my personal thanks to Mike who visited the school on several occasions and helped me with the shopping list of items for the work to be completed.

The work of Fareham Men's Shed is excellent and a real bonus to the local community.

Kind Regards
Gill Wallis
School Business Manager"

Praise indeed

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We must be on a horsey theme

After repairs to the Fareham Lion's horses Thomo was spotted in the stables working on not one, not two but three rocking horses. The first picture to be captured was when he started to glue the rlevant pieces together.

I shall try and keep an eye on him and bring regular updates as it is quite a project that he has embarked on.

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Ready for the off

Fareham Lions were having a problem at their stables, the horses kept going lame and we were asked if we had any veterinarians that could look at the problem.
We transported the thoroughbreds to the surgery and found that the way that the hooves (wheels) had been fitted was causing the problem - somebody needs to speak with their farrier. We modified the way that the wheels were fitted and gave them a slight touch up.
Now they are all straining at the bit for their next outing.

Received from our contact at the Lions:

Dear fellow friends at the Fareham Shed.

Many thanks for your work in refurbishing our ‘Horses’ which we use & allow other groups to use to raise funds for many schools, groups and charities. Not only were they picked up but were delivered on completion ready for their next known outing in May.

Thank you gentlemen

On behalf of the President and members of the Lions Club of Fareham.

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When can we start on our own hovercraft? (6 images)

Well the Shed has started to spread it's wings by offering to help in the restoration of the Hovercraft Museum at Lee-on-the-Solent, the only museum of it's type IN THE WORLD. We are starting in a small way, initially by sprucing up the new toilet block. Well let's be honest, at our age it's one of the important features of any building.

Once we have finished this bit I think that the members working on it will want to see if they can get the Princess Anne seaworthy again, maybe for next Summer, although I don't think that the staff at the Museum are too keen on the idea.shhh emoticon

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Titchfield Festival Theatre dressing room (3 images)

New TFT changing rooms

A couple of the Shed's members turned a dark and dismal area into half a dozen very cosy changing rooms for the cast of productions. It should prove somewhat more pleasant than what they have been used to in the past.

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Shed Extension (25 images)

The pictures show a few of the important stages in the progress and just to add a bit more spice a video of part of the ceiling going up can be viewed on You Tube. We now have water flowing (controllably) into and out of the new kitchen area along with a sink and the necessary accouterments like a kettle and urn. Thanks to Rod for saving the sink and taps from the skip, Adam from TFT for donating the worktops and above all to Bob and Chris Hodgson for all of their efforts. The electrical supply is now connected and certified. Thanks to Ern Bowles and Geoff Culverson for feeding the armoured cable through, that must have been one hell of a wrestling match. The layout for the workshop has been agreed. The computers are up and connected to the Internet.

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Tomo's Ark (2 images)

He keeps on about his ark for the RSPCA, but I still can't work out how he's going to get the animals in. - Apparently it will be a collection box for the Ark at Stubbington so maybe the coins will go in two by two. He's enjoying himself but Bob looks a bit worried in picture 2.

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