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Welly boot racks for Titchfield School (16 images)

Roarrr! Roarrr!

We really aren't going into production to make police truncheons although that is what it started to feel like. Titchfield School asked us to make welly boot racks for each of their classes - 6 classes each with 30 pupils (if each child has two boots how many pegs are needed to store all of the boots? - a bit like 'if 2 men take a day to dig a hole, how long does it take to fill it with water?' - I hated junior school arithmetic). So that meant 360 lengths of broom handle, each broom handle cut into 4 pegs - how many broom handles were needed - my head hurts).

Broom handles were cut, ends chamfered and sanded, one end drilled for securing to the cross members and then painted, alternate pairs of pins were painted green and grey. Whilst this was going on the two Colins and Brian were busy drilling the cross members to accept the pegs. There were pegs everywhere, most of them covered with wet paint. It was more like a factory working on piece rate. Still they are now done, the cross members and supporting structure painted and now all delivered and installed - not too sure whether it was luck or judgment that they all fitted but there certainly wasn't any room for error.

All we can do now is hope that they do the job well, maybe the guys that worked on the project will be able to get to the school and join the children 'JUMPING IN MUDDY PUDDLES'

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Gomer School (6 images)

Go on 'it it wiv' an 'ammer. That always works

Our expertise at woodstores and the like seems to be preceding us. The latest store and mud oven delivered to site. The cooker really DOES look the part you must agree.

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Uplands School

Letter from the headteacher
First get to the task in hand First get to the task in hand
At the start (9 images) W.I.P. (8 images)
That looks much better Replacement fence
At the finish (9 images) The fence and small meeting hut (9 images)

Uplands School asked the Shed if they could renovate a very tired looking structure. At the start of the school holiday various members applied themselves to the task. After removing the protective fence, inspecting the structure and carrying out a risk assessment work started, tools were unloaded and the existing structure was stripped down. From the look of one of the timbers (last picture) it was just about in time. The relevant materials have been acquired and the hope is to finish the job by the end of the week.

The final couple of tasks were to sort some fencing around a pretty nasty bit of waste ground and repair a small meeting hut. The hut was very unstable so cross members and brackets were added, and a lot of screws and wood were replaced. Ah well - term time has started again so for now we are finished at Uplands. Let us hope that the little ones have as much fun enjoying our handiwork as we did supplying it.

After the kind invitation to join in an assembly Chris H, Colin B, Colin M, Ken and Eric went and had a very pleasant half an hour although they just couldn't get used to how quiet and well-behaved so many young people could be. The school very kindly gave us a Wickes voucher and we handed over a bird box and a bug box for their nature garden which was gratefully received by the science teacher.
school presentation

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Orchard Lee Junior School wood store (8 images)

Orchard Lee Junior School approached us to create a wood store to go with the fire pit that they are planning. Designed, built, painted and erected by Mick, Colin and Brian.

"We recently were put in contact with the Men’s Shed Fareham when we were searching for someone to make us a woodshed to store the logs for our firepit area at school. Chris Nixon visited us one morning at school to discuss our plans - from then we felt that our request was important to the team at The Men’s Shed. A couple of weeks ago we had our new woodshed delivered and installed. The school are overjoyed with the shed and thoroughly enjoyed the service provided. We cannot thank the gentlemen enough for their hard work and craftsmanship. The quality of the shed is fantastic and an absolute perfect fit to our original requirements. We hope to be working with the Men’s Shed in the near future!"
If we are going to take on more projects of this size then we really must find some larger premises.

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New facility (2 images)

Star Wars X-Wing

The Shed has just welcomed a new member who has his own laser cutter/engraver. Something that could well become a useful tool for the future. Apparently it ain't as easy as you might think to put one of these in, water cooling, extraction, .... but it might well be worth thinking about if we can turn items like this out, for now we can piggy-back on John's personal machine.

Orders for X-wings, Millenium Falcons, and other bespoke items can now be supplied, an example is the sign made for 1Community - you can see it in the 1Community shop in Fareham Precinct. (More images to follow).

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Titchfield Allotment Society Noticeboard (4 images)

Some members of the Shed went to a meeting attended by most of the volunteer groups based in Titchfield. Not too sure how but when we left we found oursleves allied to the local Farmers Market Group and with a request for a strong outside noticeboard for the Allotment Society. As with all of the other activities like this the Society agreed to pay for materials whilst the Shed supplied the labour for nothing.
The last time that I saw it it was looking really good. Fully treated wood so it should last with a Perspex covering.

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Breast Cancer Haven (4 images)

Breast Cancer Haven in Titchfield offers support for those suffering from breast cancer. We were asked to create a new bra ping-pong board for them as their's was old, tired and too big and heavy. Ken and Mick came up with this folding version. When the Haven has populated it with brasierres as targets for the ping-pong balls I shall add another picture. (Just one quick thought, I wonder whether you get a bigger prize for landing the ball in an A cup as opposed to a double D cup?).
br> Apparently about 400 men in the UK are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, mainly in men over 60 but not unknown in younger men, nowhere near the nearly 55,000 female victims but needs to be thought about, perhaps we ought to ask the organisation for a presentation on the subject.

What a brickbat of a thankyou

"It was so wonderful to see you all at the tea party at the centre. It was an incredibly busy day, but very successful, raising over £1,800 just on that day!

I am pleased to say that bra pong has been used for the first time! Please find photo attached. It was HUGE success, both with transporting it, putting it up, ease of use, storage, game playing, colour, just about everything!! We honestly can’t thank you all enough for your help with this, it will make a HUGE difference to our work, and enable us to make an awful lot of money".
All we can say is "It was our pleasure to support you"

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