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Login to online shopping via Easyfunding and help our finances. See the Retail page for details

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Last updated 10-09-2019

We now have an Easyfunding account.

If you register with Easyfunding, when you buy online through this site we will receive up to 7% (but more likely .5%) of the value of your order as a payment straight into the Shed bank account. Over 4000 retailers subscribe to the scheme and some of the better known ones can be seen here. I know it's only pennies but as the old saying goes "Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves".

The following items are examples of the sort of things that the Shed is currently making. Prices are typical and items can be seen and ordered at the 1Community shop in Fareham Precinct and at Moonstones Florist in Fareham Park Road. If there is something that you would like but we are out of stock you are more than welcome to enquire if we can make it for you but timescales and cost cannot be guaranteed. One thing that we can guarantee is that there will never be another one quite the same.

10.00 Bird nesting box
£12.50 Bird nesting box
15.00 Bug box

£15.00 Bug box
15.00 Robin nest box
£15.00 Robin nest box
£4.50 - £7.50 Large Light pull
9 Images
£2.50 Small Light pull
8 Images
£3.50 Medium Light pull
14 Images
£4.00 - £15.0 Miscellaneous items
7 Images
Miscellaneous items
£4.00 - £15.0 Miscellaneous items
7 Images

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