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Colin Babbs RIP

Colin Babbs R.I.P.

Colin joined Fareham Men's Shed in 2018 and immediately involved himself with the project teams. Having built his own house there were not many things Colin couldn't turn his hand to in a confident manner.

Amongst the many things that Colin enjoyed was selling items on e-Bay and soon offered his services to the sales team to make life easier for them. He liked the sound of money and if he was around while cash was being counted from an event or function Colin would be there piling up the pound coins with a smile and a look of satisfaction on his face even though it wasn't his!

Colin's interests were shared between Fareham Men's Shed and Portchester Bowling Club where he was an active member until his illness struck and he tried to make time to play at least every Thursday.

During the lock-down Colin would join the Wednesday Zoom meeting. As he looked at the screen with empty bookshelves behind him there wasn't a week went by where some kind “mate” would tell him that he had been burgled and someone had pinched all his books. Colin didn't get at all phased by the comments and often had a witty reply ready.

His wit and skills will be sorely missed by us all but will give the rest of us a chance to get at the custard creams!! Rest in peace Colin.

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