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Time marches on

Typical sales items
bughouse wheelbarrow
Bughouse Wheelbarrow

Brian M, Cliff J and a few others have been busy creating a stock of saleable items for sale but our stock is still pretty limited. If you would like to help Shed funds have a word with Brian McCarthy


We have received correspondence from the UK Men's Shed Association to the following effect:
The following companies have arrangements with the UKMSA for discounts. You will need to register on the UKMSA website first as the links for setting the accounts up work from there. In some instances it may be necessary for the Shed to create the account, in other instances you can order directly:
Company Offer
Triton Tools 49% off hand tools and 29% off power tools
Axminster Tools & Machinery 5% off for member Sheds - contact Chris Hodgson
Tite-Fix Wholesale prices – a significant discount on the recommended retail price.
MetalCraft 20% off all orders
Lumberjack Tools 22.5% on initial orders over £1200 and 10% off
thereafter for all other orders 10% off.
Ronseal Free of charge products from its vast portfolio to help UKMSA members complete projects in Sheds across UK and Ireland.
Shedstore 5% off for all Shedders on orders over £200
Dell Time limited special offers

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