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Projects Co-ordinator

Projects Manager

At this year's recent AGM Brian McCarthy agreed to join the small band of men who have agreed to take on the responsibity for steering the Shed along the path into the future. As well as helping Richard with the e-Bay site he has agreed to become the Projects Co-ordinator taking on the task of looking after external projects such as the Wallington seat, Uplands School, Stubbington and Wallington Fairs and the like.

So if you have enquiries about projects that need a team to complete the just speak with him and ask for his help.


The Asda green token scheme is now closed

Asda green token banner

We came second after the Girl Guides Association, so with much thanks we should be receiving a cheque for £200 in the near future. Many thanks to all those that clicked and voted for us.

After raising over £2,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and £700 for the Christmas Appeal for local families in need, it was Fareham Men's Shed's turn to benefit!

The history of this story:

Asda kindly included us in their green token scheme in Fareham along with Girl Guiding and the Genesis Centre in Locks Heath. The organisation with the most votes by the 31st January was to be awarded £500 and the other two will receive £200 so very nice and thank you Asda!

With the imminent move of our shed to the unit next door in the New Year we will have to dig deep in to our reserves. £200 would go towards the installation of the electrics we will require as we are restricted to how much we can do ourselves. So lets get voting.

The new beneficiaries of this scheme are Hampshire Food Revolution, The Rainbow Centre (Fareham) and Wallisdean Infant Friends Association.


Training the trainers

Training is now well under way, with more tools being covered each week. The list of approved trainers is posted in the Shed and is also available here. This link can also be found under the Members Info/Training menu.

It is a requirement of the Shed that any member MUST have undergone basic training in the use of any of the powered tools before first using them. The trustees attempt to keep rules to an absolute minimum but because of the danger that powered tools pose this is one absolute requirement. If you need to qualify on any of the tools just ask one of the members who has been approved and they will be only too glad to help and assist. The same applies if you just want somebody to guide you at any point.

Please remember



Now that the Shed is fully open and members are attending in quantity, the regular Wednesday meeting and quiz has been suspended.
We can always re-start it if the need arises.

The system can still be used should anybody want to set up a specific meeting such as the Woodturner's Cabal but use the link below.

The link is here and if you need a reminder of the authorisation details drop me an e-mail (info@farehammensshed.org.uk

Online Zoom meeting - click here to join


We have received correspondence from the UK Men's Shed Association to the following effect:
The following companies have arrangements with the UKMSA for discounts. You will need to register on the UKMSA website first as the links for setting the accounts up work from there. In some instances it may be necessary for the Shed to create the account, in other instances you can order directly:
Company Offer
Triton Tools 49% off hand tools and 29% off power tools
Axminster Tools & Machinery 5% off for member Sheds - contact Chris Hodgson
Tite-Fix Wholesale prices – a significant discount on the recommended retail price.
MetalCraft 20% off all orders
Lumberjack Tools 22.5% on initial orders over £1200 and 10% off
thereafter for all other orders 10% off.
Ronseal Free of charge products from its vast portfolio to help UKMSA members complete projects in Sheds across UK and Ireland.
Shedstore 5% off for all Shedders on orders over £200
Dell Time limited special offers

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