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John Codling.

With Deep regret

John joined Fareham Men's Shed in 2017 and was always keen to join in and support activities and events. He was an unassuming "true gentleman" always positive, cheerful and helpful.

Occasionally John would be sitting quietly in our recreational area at a table with a cup of tea and a few photographs. If you enquired what the photographs were of, his eyes would light up and his smile almost stretched from ear to ear. Then with great pride he would explain what a member of his family had achieved and by the end of the conversation you would share that joy with him.

There are two projects that we will always remember John for. The first being that the Shed had acquired two very old brass blow lamps. John spent many, many hours cleaning them and making them sparkle, finally mounting them on wood as a pair of book ends!

The second project was mainly done at home, we were kept in the dark and he would occasionally arrive at the Shed and get one of the members to machine holes in some thick Perspex using the new lathe, not letting on what it was going to be. The one day John turned up with a masterpiece, a desk tidy made from empty Guiness cans. He claims that it took several cans to get it right but we were convince that it was just an excuse to drink more of the nectar!

John will be sorely missed by us and our thoughts are with his family.

JOHN CODLING 1935-2020

John's blowlamp bookends
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