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Solent Air Museum.

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Short Sunderland flying boat.
Short Sunderland flying boat.

Unfortunately the organisation of the event left a great deal to be desired. Basically it was a disaster from the seminars point of view. According to the programme they should have started at 10:00 but in fact didn't begin until 11:30, but hey ho, when they did start they were extremely interesting. It was a shame that Solid Solutions pulled out as that would probably have been just as informative.

The representatives of the companies that were there were all very approachable and extremely helpful. I would guess that most members have by now seen how the 3D printer in the Shed works but Frazer Nash showed how metal powder 3D printing occurs.

As far as getting the models into a printable form Faro showed a couple of alternative 3D scanning systems but at c£3,500 we would need an exceptionally good justification for that sort of spend.

Graitec, Frazer Nash and Isodo3d have all offered to come to the Shed and give a presentation of how and what they do. The Graitec VR (virtual reality) was, if you have not experienced something like it already, not to be missed.

All in all, even had there been nothing about 3D printing the Museum is extremely well worth a visit. It is has a small but perfectly formed footprint with many exhibits shoehorned into a small building.

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