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A canter through a chapter of Thommo's life

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On arrival.
And they are off!

Back in the dim and distant past, well the early 1960s, I was a young boat builder, recently married and now with two young wailing daughters. Having just finished repairing HMS Victory I decided that my next major project would be to make each of my daughters a hand-crafted, large victorian style, rocking-horse.

I toiled for at least three weeks and then, as ever, life overtook me and the rocking horses went on the shelf for what was supposed to be a short while. Fast forward 50 years and when I retired I started to create my bucket list. I came across this newly created organisation called Fareham Men’s Shed and all of a sudden the horses came to mind. As the Shed had all of the extra tools that I needed plus the companionship, laughter and of course, custard creams. the horse parts were pulled off of the shelf, the rocking-horse sh*t tidied away and the project resurrected.

As the project has progressed I have taken a few pictures which I thought would be nice to share, more will be added as the project nears completion and the horses that were meant for my daughters to ride are now going to be finally finished and passed to them for future generations although the original intended recipients will still be able to use them to re-live their childhood riding across the range.

Author: Thommo

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